Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wanda's Progress

The end of June is fast approaching and I have done nothing in the studio. I have been taking care of my friend Wanda who is recovering from her bilateral mastectomy. She is doing really well. One would never know that she had this procedure just two weeks ago. Patience isn't one of Wanda's virtues. She doesn't see the daily improvements that I see. Wanda still gets tired easily and is facing the fact that she has had cancer...stage 1 ...but cancer all the same. She will be all right. We are convinced of that...but in the meantime, we must be patient and let her body heal.

I have decided that the few minutes I will get in the next couple of days will be spent making paper fabric and background fabrics so I can be ready for making any project I dream up. I will continue working on those unfinished projects but have been eager to try some new things.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June already!!!! Time seems to fly by and it goes faster the older I get. I had a wonderful day in the studio on Saturday. I decided to try my hand at free motion quilting. My skill at this technique lacks sophistication. Practice, practice, practice is what I have been told in order to become proficient at free motion quilting so I decided to stitch fabric scraps together not being concerned about the raw edges. It was rather like learning cursive writing. I started with a circular pattern and continued to work is circles going to the left and the right.

I ended up with a lovely piece of fabric full of colored threads...and so I made a purse organizer. My keys, id badge for work and cell phone always get lost in the bottom of my bag, my new "art" piece holds these things together so they don't end up in the bowels of my purse.

Much of my artwork needs lots of thought before beginning. I love to paint fabric when I am not sure where to start. Usually the painting brings out some ideas of where to start the art. That is my task for tonight...get some fabric painted...maybe in colors I don't often use, just to give me some new direction.