Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Working Through It?

How do you work through illness? Do you get into your craft space and see what happens or do you give it up and let the healing begin?

I went to the doctor's today after coughing for 3 weeks. This all started with a sinus infection and now I have what the doc called "post-infection inflammation". What this means is that I am wheezing and have bronchitis. So, now I am on medication...and all I want to do is nothing. I want to curl up in a blanket and do nothing. So much for the creative juices flowing.

 I am trying to keep going to work because Colin, my eldest, is getting married in April and Chris, my other son, is graduating from college in May. And my days off are very limited. But we will have to see just how this medication affects me before I commit to the commute tomorrow.

The best thing about being sick is that one of my favorite magazines, Cloth, Paper, Scissors arrived today and I am more than wiling to sit here all cozy and read. The paint tube people on the cover look like so much fun. Maybe I'll venture upstairs to the TFZ after all.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hobby, Craft or Art?

"How do you label yourself and what you do? Is it a hobby, craft or art and what is the difference?
I have always needed a creative outlet but never really had the space to create and leave the mess." With my sons becoming adults and moving away from home I have been able to take one of the bedrooms and build what started out as a TFZ - for those of you who don't know this term, it stands for testosterone-free zone. The TFZ quickly evolved into the craft room and now is my studio.  Does the name really matter? Maybe if I call it  studio, I will take my art/craft/hobby more seriously.