Monday, May 31, 2010


I am entering my very first art show. Atlantic Health holds a yearly art show of work created by employees and their families and this year I decided to enter. "The Birdhouse" is my entry. It is a mixed media art quilt made from hand painted fabric, commercial fabric, paper fabric, wire, yarn and copper foil. I am excited/anxious about entering my work in such a venue but we shall see...oh, and we are allowed to sell the pieces should we choose so, of course, this piece is for sale.

Life here is finally getting back to normal after having the bathroom renovated. Seven weeks of deconstruction/construction most of which we had no shower or bathtub facilities has made things interesting. At least the toilet was working for all but a few days....since this is our one and only bathroom, we moved out for a few days, borrowed a friend's shower on most days (thanks so very much, Wanda) and punted the rest of the time. The new bathroom is beautiful and I am very glad it is finished.