Friday, August 15, 2008

I love the start of the school year. There is something delightful about shopping for pens, pencils notebooks and all the other "stuff" that is needed to get through the opening days. My sons have been out of school for awhile now but I still shop for supplies at this time of year. There are always fun new things that I can use in the studio...sometimes it is notebooks on sale that can't be passed up, or that special set of colored pencils that is reduced to a reasonable price. 

On the heels of the first day of school is the coming autumn and the cooler weather, my favorite time of year. I hope you are enjoying the last days of northern hemisphere summer doing all those summertime things that we so enjoy.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ok, so maybe I am not the brightest bulb in the light fixture...yesterday I got lost on my way to work!!! There was a detour and the route I took the day before also had a detour. After being lost for 45 minutes, I finally found out what town I was in and was able to head in the right direction. Working in a hospital has several advantages...there are hospital signs starting about a mile or so away from the hospital and by following the signs, I was able to get to work. Today being Saturday and not having to work, I headed for the area where I got lost and found several ways to get to work, probably something I should have done before but never had the need.

Collage has been the day's creative endeavor. I often collage paper and fabric but today's was strictly paper. I find that less than 5 layers leaves something to be desired. I count the paint I use on the foundation paper as my first layer, then add cut outs, stamped images and nore paint...sometimes some gesso for texture...anyway, it was good to try something a little out of my box.