Sunday, October 18, 2009


My adventure in this project started with a trip to the sewing machine store where I had taken my machine for its yearly checkup. And hanging there was a beautiful embellished jacket. I knew I HAD to have one and, sure enough, a class was being offered. I immediately signed up and so the journey began. It all started with a sweatshirt and 16 fat quarters that complimented each other. I chose greens and purples with a splash of red and coral.

These fabrics were cut into various rectangles and then sewn onto a deconstructed sweatshirt. Then the fun began...I decided to stipple the whole thing. Others in the class used fancy machine stitching around the rectangles. The point was to not have the sweatshirt show.

The final step was to add embellishments (ribbons, yarns, laces etc) and binding. Below is the finished product, front and back. It was a lot of work and there are some steps that I would change but overall I am pleased with the results.

I am now working on a couple of projects that don't involve the sewing machine. After spending hours stippling the sweatshirt jacket, I am ready for something much less involved.