Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have always been fascinated with beads. I love the feel of glass beads dribbling through my fingers. The ping of the glass as it hits the bowl and the light the beads catch as they bounce off the bowl are only the beginnings of the joy I find in beads. BUT then the DH says "So are you taking up another craft? More stuff to put in your craft room?" And then the guilt sets in...should I really venture into another realm? And the answer is a definitive YES!!!! So I am now working on my first major beaded embroidery piece. It is a cuff. The beads above are what I have selected to go with some wonderful cabochons.
The pictures don't do the cabochons justice. There is a beautiful olive green running through each of the stones as well as a hint of purple and of course, browns and beiges. I am not very far along and find that my wrist doesn't allow me to do hours and hours of work on it but I sure am enjoying the process and, for me, that is what it is all about.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Beadfest was a blast. I took a polymer clay/wire class with Donna Ray-Kocun and stepped out of my conservative artist mode to make the bracelet pictured above. We used Donna Kato clay which is non-toxic and has a sheen to it when baked. I found the clay hard to work with at first because it tends to crumble but the finished product makes the frustrations of the early clay manipulation well worth it. The class also had us using a Coiling Gizmo. The wire beads are made with this contraption and it is so much fun. I am eager to try other wire works on it.
I was able to shop to my heart's content at the vendors' market and got some incredible deals. The seed beads in all colors made it hard to select a few. As you can see I bought a variety for all the projects that are still in the planning stages.
I also found these fun cabochons and matching beads. I think they will make a wonderful cuff. But then I can imagine them in one of my art quilts as well. We shall see!!
Wire came in all kinds of colors. The above is aluminum and is the base for the polymer clay/wire bracelet I made. It is very pliable. I wonder if it will work on the Coiling Gizmo? Hum.....
This wire is used on the Coiling Gizmo. The colors are outstanding. I already have an art quilt planned using some of the wire, the Coiling Gizmo and, of course, beads.

I wish I could share the excitement and enthusiasm that Beadfest generated. There were so many knowledgeable people willing to share, there were so many ideas taken from the displays, there was so much shopping to do and most of all there was the passion for all types of beading.