Monday, September 5, 2011


I know it has been a long time since I posted....sometimes life gets in the way of blogging....but that being said, I have been continuing to work in the studio. After much thought, I have started to redefine where I want to invest my creative time and talents. I have taken many classes for all kinds of techniques and projects. I have invested time and money in all sorts of crafts and finally have come full circle to what I really love.......(drum roll please!!!!!!).......fabric arts. Is this a big surprise to anyone who knows me well???? I think not. Anyway, that being said, I have put aside several things that fall outside of the fabric art realm and now am focusing on where I want my art and cloth to mix.

What I want to share today is one of the wonderful classes that I took at CREATE the mixed media art retreat I attended in Chicago at the end of August. Magical Metal Altars was taught by Judy Perez Coates.  We painted on fabric and then cut and embossed aluminum sheets to make the "altar" shape. Then we sewed....yes, with a sewing machine.....the metal to fabric.

While my painting leaves me wondering if I should return to kindergarten art class, I found the metal work really exciting.

I started by tracing a pattern that Judy had provided but quickly found that my experience with Zentangles lead me to create the rest of the embossing on my own.

I am eager to try other projects that will incorporate metal and fabric together. I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday.