Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here is the newest completed project from my studio. This little angel is made from Tyvek, organza and a little polymer clay and wire. She is ready to take flight. I would love to make a few more of these with fabric faces and am wondering what skills it would take to do so. Faces baffle me. I have never been able to draw a decent one so I do worry about creating a fabric one. I also like the dimensional aspect of the face and wire. I love the feel of different textures so I run my hands over all my creations to "see" what they feel like....would fabric make it all feel too similar? Any advice from my readers would be appreciated.

We had S-N-O-W yesterday. It has created a winter wonderland of sparkling trees that look like they have twinkling white lights in their branches and as the wind blows, spun sugar falls from them. The sky is so blue today that I feel if I looked hard enough I could even see the stars. This has inspired me to get on with another winter project so I had better be heading back to the studio.