Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am on track so far! Ok I have to admit that I am the world's best procrastinator. And I thought long and hard before signing up for the Bead Journal Project. But I have completed my January "page". I am working with 4 inch crazy quilt squares that will represent each month of the year. I hope to either frame them as a unit or quilt them into a wall hanging.....which is why the edges are unfinished. I will be placing a unifying fabric around each square.

This year there has been SNOW.....everywhere.....and for a very long time with another storm or two predicted for this week. Hopefully I will get a jump start on February's quilt square with ample time to get to the store for beads before the next storm hits.


Carol said...

Hi Dawn
Your block is beautiful and certainly does depict snow well!!
(We are waiting for a possible 2' storm to hit on Tues/Wed.

Hopefully you won't have to use snow as next months theme!!

Barbara said...

This is so beautiful, and it does indeed feel like winter! Your stitching is impeccable, and so delicate.

Raphaela said...

I like the idea of combining crazy quilting and beading. A very nice block.

Laura said...

Very appropriate - this block does say "January" to me, so I think you have definitely succeeded!

Marty S said...

This is a lovely interpretation of snow. I look forward to seeing your other pieces.
Mary S
Crackpot Beader

Robin said...

Lovely design, Dawn! I'm so glad the picture could be ckicked to enlarge so I could see the details of the center embroidery and beads! Must be a lot of snow around the country as many of us have shown it in our 'page' for January.

Robin A.

Magpie Sue said...

You must be sick to death of snow and ice by now. My sympathies. I live on the West coast now, where we've had it pretty easy by comparison, but I grew up in MI so I know what you're dealing with!

I hope you stay pretty much on track with your BJP pieces. This could be a fabulous quilt in a year or so!