Thursday, October 7, 2010


Autumn has been very busy without much time in the studio. Mom's 80th birthday was celebrated in Santa Fe, New Mexico and what a fun time we had. I really enjoyed the art world that inhabits that place....everything from fine art to architectural art. What a feast for the eyes!!!

Back here in New Jersey, I have been playing with stencils. I have been taking Mary Ann Moss' Stitched and Stenciled online class. These beautiful clear autumn days are perfect for stenciling since I use spray paint and need to be working outside.I am working on several pieces in both paper and fiber and using stencils as the background. The one above started with paper doilies as a base and the stencils were layered on top.

This page started with a base coat of paint and a large swirling pattern as the base.

This page started with lace and sequin waste. I am finding that I love sequin waste but it is difficult to work wants to curl and I haven't found an adhesive that will hold it flat to the paper but still the dots seem to come out ok. Now that the stenciled part is done, I need to add the stitched part!!

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